Welcome to easyCity

EasyCity is a carefree city full of enjoyment and comfort. A city where you will immediately feel at home, because here it is exactly the same as it is everywhere else. And it’s no coincidence that nowadays you can find our logo on every street corner, our presence is total – we’re everywhere!

EasyCity is an international phenomenon which we developed at the end of last century and that has since conquered the globe at a phenomenal pace. Driven forward by creativity and speed, profit and the desire to consume, we have surpassed every boundary, every border and every obstacle, defeated all opposition and broken virtually every bit of resistance. We’ve banished affordable housing and small businesses from the centre of town, we’ve driven the neighbourhood grocery stores and speciality shops right out of existence. We place craftspeople, artists and other creative spirits into our specially developed breeding places, where they can prepare themselves for a life according to the laws of the free market economy. We don’t have any space or desire for places of freedom and other publicly accessible social, cultural and political institutions. As far as we are concerned, the battle over public space is over.

the first easyCity store: kinkerstraat 332, amsterdam

Easycity is paradise found for the tourist with buying power, the Valhalla for the new cosmopolitan middle class and the daily dream for less affluent groups. In easyCity you can shop, eat, drink or have sex 24 hours a day, in an authentic atmosphere filled with tulips, gables and canals. Easycity wants you to enjoy, your pleasure is our product.

EasyCity is a success, its attraction is enormous. And our inhabitants come from all corners of the world, some of whom have been invited by us, but many are here as unwanted guests. Even so, we also give these seekers of happiness a chance. They give the city its famous colourful character, and contribute to your pleasure as underpaid handyman, dishwasher, babysitter or sex worker.

Indeed, our hospitality and tolerance has limits. We think norms and values are a valuable asset. EasyCity in principle welcomes everyone who sticks to the rules, but we respond with an iron fist to different behaviour and unwanted expressions of culture. The homeless, beggars, squatters, street musicians and drug users must be made to work or we send them elsewhere. Criminal unlawful aliens are sent home. Because for us your safety comes first. That’s why so many cameras on our streets and squares keep a watchful eye more than 24 hours a day. And that’s why some areas are not accessible for everyone, and why we regularly ask you for your proof of identity. A great number of security agents ensure that nothing, nothing at all, will happen to you. Total control is our trademark.

But easyCity especially guarantees relaxation and enjoyment. During the whole week, we bring you a guerrilla exposition with an extensive program. While you enjoy a drink, Sick Mac or Junkfood, you can allow yourself to be inspired and surprised by psychogeographers, urban explorers, builders of free spaces, activists, video makers, filmmakers, photographers, dancers, illegal workers, illegal aliens and other creative spirits. Just relax and look around, not letting these expressions of counterculture, skirmishes, resistance and illegality cause you any confusion. If necessary, the information in this little book should completely reassure you if you have any doubts.

We wish you a pleasant stay in easyCity

The Board