easyCity program

Tuesday October 8 easyCity opening
At 5 pm easyCity opens its doors to the public.

Wednesday October 9 easyCity adventure
Lectures, presentations and videos about random urban walks, generative psychogeography, karaoke, graffiti and urban guerrilla, with the co-operation of Wilfried Hou Je Bek (Cultuurkraker), Thomas Wildner (artist), Siebe Thissen (philosopher). Afterwards DJs Auratheft & Wilfried Hou Je Bek.
Starting 8 PM

Thursday October 10 easyCity gentrification
Debate on gentrification in Amsterdam (in Dutch). On the way in which everything that doesn’t fit the laws of the free market and the brand Amsterdam is being chased away. About the threats on affordable social housing, cultural organizations, small-scale shops like the Fort van Sjako, ideal organizations like the Latijns Amerika Centrum and squatted free zones, vrijplaatsen. How bad is it and what is being done against this? Is it kind of allright now things are not going too well economically? Or will the cleansing and polishing only become more substantial with the new politics of repression of everything which is ‘different’...? How can the chasing away be stopped; how can the city be recaptured? A talkshow with invited speakers and the audience, chaired by Jaap Draaisma (De Vrije Ruimte).
Starting 4 PM

Friday October 11 easyCity beeldenstormers
An event with video, speakers and discussion on the cross-over influence between activism and art. With beeldenstormers from different eras: Provos, Kabouters, people from the squatting movement, AdBusters and communications guerrilla. How can we intervene in the commercialisation of everything and everybody. How can images be used to force the ruling economy, politics and economy into defense. How can we challenge power with creative means? A full evening programme organized by the Autonoom Centrum. Afterwards DJs until midnight.
Starting 8 PM

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Saturday October 12 easyCity tourism
Informal talkshow about the reverse side of the Amsterdam tourist industry. Jan Müter (Bureau Zwart?Werk) starts a conversation with three experts: Dirk Kloosterboer (researcher/advisor), Dani (restaurant employee & anarchist) and Rahman (owner of Indian restaurant). In the Amsterdam catering industry many labour migrants have found a job, many of them without a work permit. This branch of industry, itself an expression of the economical globalisation and mobility, flourishes by the grace of a reduced mobility of the people who work there. (Speakers subject to availability)
Starting 8 PM
From 10 PM onwards easy visual&sounds with VJ Oleg & DJ Goldfinger and more

Sunday October 13 easyCity final
Today is your last chance to visit easyCity, from 4 PM onwards it will mix with the buying public