easyCity objects

Mc Garbage Video made of photos of the ever present Mc Donald’s garbage though all the seasons, the soundtrack comprises noises made with this garbage. www.antenna.nl/deeez/mczwerfvuil.html Deeez!

A 31 Photo album and sound collage about 31 August 2002. A demonstration against logos is recorded, or are the demonstrators taking over the whole city? www.antenna.nl/deeez/a31.html Deeez!

De hele gedeelde stad / the whole divided city A link between seeming contradictions in our experiences of the city. The city is a living body, no single occurence is an isolated incident. It is always linked to many other factors. This mostly black and white artwork shows a geometric pattern wherein all the separate lines form one large web. Patries van Elsen

Image of Possibilities Jos Fontijn

City Scripts Video registrations of re-enactments in a shopping area of Rotterdam. Three different monitors show patient market researchers, big-Mac eating store security staff and waiting men, all in front of a shop. Robin van ’t Haar

Safety rope Ideal experiences and withdrawal from the public domain. Whereby we call in help from all manner of safety mechanisms. Igor Sevçuk, Bas van de Geijn, Floris de Graad

Smooth and controle Amsterdam as ecology of fear, the design and setting up of urban spaces based on the mechanisms of fear. Bas van de Geijn, Floris de Graad

Remote control The remote control video program of easyCity is made up of a triptych. Firstly a video compilation of art films from the CTRL space program, a compilation of narrative films and a block of films on Saturday night. Central to this is the fear of violence and urban chaos that threatens our seemingly safe civilization. The violence of those who are excluded, from the ghettos.

Smoothcity_Amsterdam is web based software that documents personal trajectories of time accelerated space sequences. You can use it as a game, a city guide or an abstract public confessor. It is based on voluntary participation and provokes the formation of a network. Matrix_g_sea

Generatief Psychogeografisch experiment in het oostelijke havengebied Image report Social fiction.org

Free art Piet Linnenbank

Conversations on the factory floor Amsterdam workers of non-Dutch origin are proud to do their bit for easyCity. Even illegal workers don’t have a victim mentality. Because EasyCity can’t exist without them. The installation is a map of Amsterdam with a choice of 15 keys, whereby a lamp lights up and pinpoints the location. Each key provides a language and a type of work, eg. Bengali/laundrette, Turkish/street maker, Iberian/newspaper deliverer. Vincent de Jong

easyIdentity People give identity and meaning to places. These meanings are not shared by everyone, resulting in space for struggle. This struggle for space is identified by inequality; some parties have the possibility to force meanings, while others only operate in a margin. This slide presentation shows the Nationaal Monument on Dam Square in Amsterdam as an ultimate place which is alternately a symbol of national pride and unity, place of resistance against this same national unity and hang-out place for different groups. Hilje van der Horst

Madame Cosmopolite
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Het Papieren Huis / The Paper House presented by Rolf Engelen, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Siebe Thissen & Frans Vermeer

Schiphol trans- Video about borders and obstacles and about what happens when we try to cross them. Trans-, transit, transition, translation, the meanings, experiences or spaces which are neither here nor there and always ‘dangerous’, always objects of control. Apart from the geo-political border there is another kind of ‘access’ which is being refused: the capability to ‘film’, to tell the story, to have a voice. Rozalinda Borcila

Wibautstraat Full-colour 25 minute film, without dialogue, that gives an impression of the life in the street and the absence of it. The film consists of about a 100 shots of a duration of 5 to 10 seconds and a couple of longer shots. The rhythm of the street is reflected in the rhythm of the film. No music has been used. The street itself offers enough interesting sounds. Neither does the film make use of interviews, since these would only break the rhythm. Other crazy tricks like special effects, accelerations and decelerations are carefully used. They would only distract. Sobriety in image and sound are the credo, just like the Wibautstraat itself, which actually is a sober street. Martin Brandwagt (camera: Henriëtte Spiering, clipping advice: Raymond Mirrer)

easyCity partners

Rozalinda Borcila: Rumanian artist living and working in the USA
Martin Brandwagt: filmmaker, journalist
Franco Cavuoto: computer scientist, IT consultant for large European information companies
Deeez! is Nørb Mommersteeg and Jan Kees Helms: www.deeez.nl
DHZ23: host of action archive of adbusting cell that appears here and there in easyCity
Patries van Elsen artist from Amsterdam: www.patriesvanelsen.nl and www.rainbowcolorproductions.com.
Jos Fontijn: photographer
Bas van de Geijn: student social geography
Floris de Graad, social geographer
Robin van ’t Haar: (video)artist
Hilje van der Horst: sociologist /social geographer
Ilse van Liempt: social geographer, researching irregularities in migration
Matrix-g-sea: an interdisciplinary group for urban research made up of Sofia Vyzoviti, Elina Karanastasi en Franco Cavuoto
Gert de Ruyter: photographer
Igor Sevçuk: artist
Hanna Smitmans: cultural worker en video artist who makes works about women and migration
Sophia Vyzoviti: architect, researcher and guest senior lecturer with the architecture faculty of the TU in Delft.